Gemstone High Temperature PLA 1.75mm 200g

Gemstone High Temperature PLA 1.75mm 200g

High Temperature PLA has outstanding heat tolerance and impact strength after careful reheating to a temperature of about 110C for 10-20 min. 

Printed parts are dishwasher safe and suitable for hot water applications.

Our High Temperature PLA is the functional equivalent to the previous formula of ProSpec PLA. 

Depending on part geometry, parts may warp or shrink slightly during annealing. Appropriately pre-scaling your part after measuring a test piece may be required.

All Metal Hotend Notice: Users of all metal hotends such as those offered by E3D and upgrades by Micro Swiss may experience inconsistent flow or jamming while using High Temperature PLA. Check back soon for our affordable yet professional PLA option ideally suited for All Metal Hotends.

Spools are 6" in Diameter and carry a 1 5/8" center bore.