What to do with a 3D Printer: Make iPhone Accessories

What to do with a 3D Printer: Make iPhone Accessories

Posted by Emma N. on Jul 13th 2016

iPhones have created a wealth of opportunities for you to customize your own accessories. Most notably, cases for iphones are of importance because they provide protection and customization for the product. Because Apple often changes the dimensions of their phones, you can print cases, stands and other accessories to keep up with the changing dimensions of each generation of phone.

Below are printed examples of iPhone accessories:

3D Printed iPhone accessories


This stand was created for an iPhone 6 with outlet openings for the headphone jack and charger. This stand allows users to charge their phone while propping it upright for use. The basic printed case fits on the stand. This stand was printed with our Rain Forest Green PLA.

iPhone 6 Basic Case

iPhone cases are easy to find and relatively cheap, this case model however, allows users to protect their phone from scratches and everyday wear and tear. The case fits the phone and the blank design allows you to customize the case. This case was printed in our Deep Sea Blue PLA. 

Earbud Wrap

Earbuds are easily tangled and constant knotting can cause damage to the wiring. This earbud wrap keeps earbuds aligned and easy to unwrap. This earbud wrap was printed on our Sunshine Yellow PLA. 

These designs were all found on thingiverse and are hyperlinked above. 

What phone accessories have you made? Let us know!