What to do with a 3D Printer: Be a Valentine Hero!

What to do with a 3D Printer: Be a Valentine Hero!

Posted by Luke Chilson on Mar 6th 2012

This year for Valentines Day, my son's day-care put on a little party for the kids and each child was asked to bring valentines for the their class-mates. Normally this would have meant a walk down the retail trenches of our nearest big chain department store for something cheap and unoriginal; but this year, with a 3D Printer, it meant something much more special.

3D Printed Dragon Cards for Valentines Day

Thingiverse user andreas has a fantastic collection of pet monsters posted on thingiverse and one made especially for valentines.

The thing Pet Monster Valentine turned out to be the perfect printable valentine. I loaded him up at 1.5 scale and started away with our Green PLA for the dragon and a Pink PLA from Ultimaking LTD as the heart. Putting the pieces together was as simple as tearing away the support structure and heating up the little leg with a heat-gun so I could move it to the side while I inserted each heart. When all was said and done I had twelve little heart holding dragons and an extra original valentines gift for each child guaranteed to be unique and special.

The lady of the house liked them so much she wanted a large one printed just for her.

3D Printed Dragon with Heart for Valentines Day

He looks even better in person and spends his days happily sitting on the vanity waiting for someone to come and steal his heart.

Thank you 3D Printer, no one can do what you can do.