New Website Live + Big Announcements

Posted by Luke Chilson on Sep 30th 2014

Our new webfront is up and running along with a new company focus and direction. Here are the highlights.

There's a New Manufacturer in Town  

It's us, we're the new manufacturer in town. This is by far the most important part of our new direction, we're at the steering wheel. Which means when you're talking to us, you're talking to the folks designing and making your 3D Printer Filament. 

But Protoparadigm, isn't it hard to make 3D Printer Filament?

It is if you're doing it right, and we've spent the last 18 months designing, machining, coding, and testing custom hardware and software to do so. If you want low grade, over processed plastic filament you're at the wrong place. We're only using the good stuff, and we keep it good throughout the production process.  

And if you disagree with us after using our filament we'll refund your money and say thank you with a smile on our face. Knowing when and how to improve 3D Printer Filament does only good things for us and you. And since we have complete control over the production process we're actually able to do something about it. 

We are dedicated to taking the 3D Printing industry further through purpose-driven materials that expand applications and facilitate a better 3D Printing experience.

Free Shipping? No Way...Yes Way!

We are super stoked to be offering free shipping to the lower 48 states. The standard carrier method will be UPS Ground but expedited options will still be available to those who need filament faster. Just be sure to give us a heads-up through our contact form on anything urgent so we can ensure your package gets out the door before the cut off time. 

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Oh, man, there's just so many options out there for 3D Printer Filament. Who should I buy from? Who can I trust?

US! Because if you aren't satisfied with your filament we'll give you your money back. We want to make 3D Printing materials that rock your socks off. So pick up a spool and try it out.

New Spool Weight?

It's not a question. We have a new spool and weight. Well the spool isn't that different, just a little thinner at 2" thick. But we've changed our standard weight from 2LBs to 750grams (1.65LBs). This combination of size and weight allows us to pull off free shipping, offer more exotic colors and materials and STILL lower the cost per pound for standard colors and materials. Buh-Bam!

New Colors and Materials Inbound

Now that we're making our own stuff we want to be very deliberate about what colors and materials we offer. A large focus will be on product families that serve particular groups and applications. 

You'll notice on the front page we have a link to our new gemstone family of translucent and pearlescent PLA and ABS (ABS coming soon).

In the coming days and weeks we will be adding more inventory to our gemstone family, our essentials category and introducing our newly developed ProtoTek Reactive Filaments. Stay tuned, grab some spools and let us know what you think and want to see in the future.

From all of us at ProtoParadigm LLC,

Happy Printing!