Customer Spotlight: 3D Printed Case for Arduino-Based BBQ Controller

Customer Spotlight: 3D Printed Case for Arduino-Based BBQ Controller

Posted by Ryan Madsen on Apr 22nd 2014

We recently learned about a fantastic project that a customer of ours is supporting called the HeaterMeter, and just in time for summer!

Conceived by Bryan Mayland, the HeaterMeter is an AVR / Arduino microcontroller-based automatic BBQ controller. Our customer, Tom Kole, wanted to utilize 3D Printing in the process of building his HeaterMeter and originally designed a control case to be printed by Shapeways, a print service that will print your designs for you. While Shapeways did a great job for Tom, he quickly realized that his budget and design interests would be much better served if he had his own 3D printer. Thanks to some very valuable help from a fellow TVWBB forum member named Matt Miller, the current version of the control case was designed specifically with filament based printers in mind looks like this:

3D Printed BBQ controller housing

HeaterMeter v4.1 3D printed Case:

Tom has printed in several colors that ProtoParadigm offers, but Forest Green has been a particularly good option as it compliments one of the more popular BBQ's on the market almost perfectly. While Tom hasn't quit his day job yet, he has been printing cases for a few of the forum members over at The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board.

This in an open source project and Tom's newest case files, along with a bunch of other great info, can be found here.  Complete information about the project can be found here.

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