Announcing our new LumiCord website!

Announcing our new LumiCord website!

Posted by Mara Sorkin on Nov 18th 2013

Status Update (3/15/2016):

Due to the high cost to produce LumiCord and the toll it takes on our equipment we are no longer producing LumiCord for retail sales. We hope to be able to offer a more economical version of it in the future and welcome OEM inquiries about including the technology behind LumiCord into your products.

The original post about the launch of LumiCord remains below.

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our new division, LumiCord, and its website, at

The Birth of LumiCord

LumiCord is the product of research on high capacity photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) 3D printer-compatible materials in the spring of 2013. During that research, it became clear to us that there are uses for an illuminated filament apart from 3D Printers, and so, LumiCord was born.


Collaborative Input and Testing

In order to share LumiCord with an audience willing to help us test and improve the product, we released the early version of LumiCord on Kickstarter. More than 1,100 people helped us raise 800% of our initial funding goal and provided us with valuable collaborative input and testing. We are now ready to share LumiCord with the general public on our new website:

What Is LumiCord?

LumiCord is the brightest and longest-lasting photoluminescent cord on the market. It is a custom-engineered thermoplastic elastomer that uses powerful photoluminescent strontium aluminate crystals to allow it to glow in the dark all night long. LumiCord also has an incredible "pop" of brightness after being exposed to intense sources of UV light.

LumiCord comes in two colors: a beautiful soft aqua and a bright vivid green. It is flexible, waterproof, non-toxic, and can be cut to any length. There are currently two diameters available--standard (2.00mm) and thick (2.83mm)--and custom sizes will be available on demand. LumiCord's main purpose is illumination and as such is not suitable for tensile applications.

Can I Use LumiCord for 3D Printing?

While there is a 2.83mm diameter variation of LumiCord, it is not currently intended or suitable for 3D Printing. We are, however, finishing development on a series of High Capacity Glow-in-the-Dark 3D Printer Filament based on the same technology as LumiCord that we hope to announce soon. Follow us on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter for upcoming details.

Custom Product Integration and OEM Opportunities

LumiCord is available for custom application and product integration/OEM.  One example of early custom use is Darriel Caston’s elegant Firefly Pen, which comes in aluminum or titanium and features custom LumiCord inserts in the pen cap which make the pen glow in the dark.  We are excited to connect with other creative minds who want to incorporate LumiCord into custom applications or projects for their home, cottage, or full-scale industry.  Visit our LumiCord Product Integration page to discuss OEM possibilities and to inquire about bulk discounts, educational discounts, and custom size options.

Save 10% on Purchases of $40 or More

Ready to check out our LumiCord site?  In addition to offering ideas for how to use LumiCord for Arts & Crafting, Fashion & Nightlife, Sporting & Outdoor Recreation, and Home Use & Preparedness, we are also offering a special promotional discount of 10% on orders of $40 or more!  From now until December 24, use coupon code GrandOpening during checkout to apply the discount to your order.

Thanks for your continued support of ProtoParadigm and we look forward to seeing you on our LumiCord site as well!.