5 Dollar Filament™ Update, Stronger Spool and More

5 Dollar Filament™ Update, Stronger Spool and More

Posted by Luke Chilson on Mar 11th 2016

It's been one month since we launched 5 Dollar Filament™ and we have been overwhelmed by the 3D Printing community's response.

Our mission to bring high quality American made 3D Printing materials and colors for only $5 a spool has resonated with people. Reading your feedback on our Adv. Ingeo PLA formula and beautiful colors makes all our work worthwhile.

Going forward, we will start adding more materials and colors so 5 Dollar Filament™ can become your go-to source for high quality, engineered 3D Printer Filament.

We will ALSO continue development of our 3D Printed spool format with the goal of bringing you the best user experience possible. It was found that a not insignificant number of spools were arriving at people's homes damaged or in an otherwise compromised state. If you received a spool with broken arms or weak forks prone to falling off the core please contact us so we can take care of you. We have been making adjustments to our process and spool design to address this issue and to that end we are pleased to say we have...

5 Dollar Filament Spool Improvements!

Proper 5 Dollar Filament Spool Strength Demonstration

As you can see above, a properly wound and packaged 5 Dollar Filament™ spool is fairly sturdy, arrives intact and keeps it's strength throughout use. Both the strength of the spool design and toughness of the PLA formula have been increased to help ensure your filament stays snug as a bug in a rug.

For many people this spool should feed consistently into your 3D Printer right out of the box. However, for those that want or need a little more stability in their 3D Printing lives, we recommend these two simple upgrades.

The Filament Flange

5 Dollar Filament 'Filament Flange' installation

The first is what we call a 'Filament Flange' and takes about one minute to implement. Adding this will ensure your 3D Filament doesn't get caught or snag on one of the forks. Simply loop some filament through the tie-off holes on each side of your spool with the start and end of your filament flange snugly pushed together through one of the tie-offs. Ideally you will have a couple tie-offs with enough room to fit two strands of filament allowing you to still secure the end of your 3D Filament when not in use.

Add stabilizers for no wobble and a custom bore

Installation of 3D Printed Stabilizers for the 5 Dollar Filament Spool

The stock 5 Dollar Filament™ spool has a single thin core that holds each supporting fork. This can cause the spool to lean to one side or the other during use. While not necessarily a problem on its own, you can balance the spinning of your spool and adapt it to fit your specific 3D Printers spool holder by printing and installing our 5DollarFilament Stabilizer. Each one weighs about 1 gram and snaps on to the forks of your spool providing a stable base for unwinding during 3D Printing.

5DollarFilament all ready to go!

There, now you're ready for some serious 3D Printing!

Additional Options

If you're looking for other options, these prints are all worth checking out.

Thank you to our customers that have taken the time to post their 5 Dollar Filament Accessories!

Thanks Again and Come Back Soon!

For less than the price of a fancy coffee you can start exploring the creative possibilities 3D Printing has to offer. Thank you for your support of 5 Dollar Filament™. Tell your friends and check back soon as we start to add 3D Filament to a new Specialty section.

Happy Printing!