What Print Settings Should I use?

Please see the label on your spool for temperature settings. In general apart from temperature set other settings in accordance with your printer manufacturer's recommendations and tweak from there. See the product description in our store for the filament you're using for any additional information or tips.

How Much Filament is in X?

Please see product titles and descriptions for product weights. Our products are defined in terms of weight. Product densities vary, and as such length and volume will vary proportionally.

What Resins are Your Products Made From?

Please see product descriptions for information on base resins when available, and other performance information. We use proprietary formulations for our products, designed to optimize for printability and performance specific to each product. All of our PLA is made from Natureworks PLA, and we promise it will never be watered down for economization.

How do I Anneal the High Temperature PLA?

Once you've got a print you're happy with, place it on a baking sheet lined with foil. You may have to get creative to weigh down fetures that may have a tendency to curl, or to support overhangs that may want to sag. You can anneal with support material still attached if your part has supported overhangs. Coins or other small metal objects work well for holding down large flat surfaces, or supporting features. Place the constrained part in the oven and set to 110C (230F). Allow to anneal for 10-20 minutes once it is up to temperature, and allow to cool slowly. Some warp may occur depending on part geometry, method of support, etc., but it should be safe to at least 100C after annealing.

You can also perform a quick and dirty annealing by heating some water to boiling, then pouring into a vessel and dropping in your part, allowing the water to cool with the part for at least 10-20 minutes, depending on part geometry. This method is more likely to create warpage, but works similarly well where warpage is acceptable or where the part geometry minimizes the potential for warp.

What are Your Shipping Terms?

Domestic Shipping = $2.99, Any Size Any Time - All orders ship for $2.99 within the continental US.

Most orders ship in 1-2 business days. During periods of high volume, or for some large orders, some portion of the order may be made on-demand, requiring an additional 1-2 business days.

Shipping to addresses outside the continental US are available using calculated rates. International orders may require additional time for processing to ship.

Shipping notification emails are sent when the first tracking data becomes available from the carrier. This usually occurs within 24 hours after the packages have been received by the carrier. In cases where there is a problem with the tracking data, it's possible a notification may not be sent. Please feel free to get in touch if you haven't seen a notification within four business days of placing your order. Please note that we cannot foresee nor can we be responsible for carrier related delays.

Do you Offer a Guarantee on Your Products?

We believe in providing products that work and that you enjoy using. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase please let us know and we'll make sure you get the support you need, including a replacement or a refund if needed.

Do you Offer Wholesale?

We are unable to take on new reseller accounts at the moment while we work to scale and meet demand. We are working to increase capacity and do plan to offer this again soon. Bulk purchases for end-users (projects, print farms, libraries, educational institutions, makerspaces, and production printing or similar) are still quite welcome, please get in touch.

For bulk purchases, see individual products for tiered bulk discounts.

If you are with an educational institution or non-profit organization please see the discounts section below.

To further enable those working to make a difference we offer a 10% discount to members of students, educators, 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, and members of military service. This discount is enabled on your account, and applies any time you are logged in and will be applied automatically. The discounts may not apply to all products. Due to shipping economics, we ask that orders on discounted accounts include at least two spools when possible.

Do you Offer Discounts?

We offer a 7% discount for students and education institutions, non-profits, and veterans and military servicepeople. This discount may not apply to all products. If one of these categories applies to you, please create an account on our website using the link in the top-right corner and see below.

Please see below for the required documentation and information for your discount application, make sure you have created an account on our store, then submit your request using the same email address as was used for your account here: Discount Program Application

Educational Discount

For the educational discount, please submit a picture of your student, faculty, or other academic ID. If this is not possible, please send a dated, signed letter from your institution's registrar indicating your status. Educational discounts must be re-verified periodically.

Non-Profit Discount

Please provide the name of your organization, your relationship to the organization, the organization's address and tax ID, and a description of the organization and its mission. If you have any questions or any special needs we may be able to help with please let us know!

Military Discount

For military discounts please submit a Benefit Summary Letter (which can be generated at eBenefits) or similar official document. If you are unable to provide a Benefit Summary Letter, other documents will likely suffice - please make sure the document includes your name and dates of service, but as little other personally identifying information as possible (please redact SSNs and other sensitive information).