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Who We Are & What We're About

ProtoParadigm was founded in 2011 to serve the newly emerging field of Personal 3D Printers, or personal rapid prototypers. Our goals are to provide you, the owner (or prospective owner) of a 3D Printer, with information and resources so you may fully utilize this life-changing technology; as well as researching new and innovative materials that expand the potential and capabilities of what your 3D Printer can create.

Your printer allows you to produce anything you can imagine, and it uses the same materials factories do. Because the finished product is only as good as what you start with, the materials we utilize for production will always be of the best quality available. For you, that means better looking results and less down-time and cost for maintenance or repair. Each aspect of our products has been a purposeful decision to provide you with the best, most convenient and reliable material for your printer. We do this not only because we believe in pushing the limits of 3D printing where quality is paramount, but because we use our products everyday and don't have time for cheap, time-consuming or unreliable materials.

When you use our website and print with our products, we want you to be completely satisfied. If you're not, contact us, and we will make it right.

We are working hard sourcing more and better materials. If you have a material, color, or product you would like to see us carry, tell us about it.  We manufacture all of the filament that we sell at our plant here in Eastern Oregon, giving us a unique flexibility and the ability to serve our customers in ways that others can't.

The name ProtoParadigm in a very literal sense, describes our view of what can come from this technology. That every person can create and put in their own hands whatever they dream. Whether a work of art or an artifact for students who don't have the opportunity to visit far away museums, the prototype of the garage inventor or tinkerer, the repair piece for the tractor that would be too expensive to replace, or even something as simple as a child's toy; these machines are pushing us towards a paradigm shift. Back to a time where a family wasn't dependent on a foreign country for what they needed. Proto means original, first, precursor; in times past a household supplied most of its needs. If you needed something, you built it; if it broke, you fixed it. With a 3D printer, you can create objects for your business, life, and home with little investment and reduced dependance on others. It is our hope that the personal printer may be the modern tool tying us to an older way of life; where there were fewer middle men, and people spent more time living than buying.

We are located in the small town of Milton Freewater, OR, USA.

Luke Chilson, Alex English

ProtoParadigm LLC

Organizations and Projects we Support

RepRap Foundation

95% of donations go to buying parts and materials for research and development, the other 5% go to sourceforge. Donate to RepRap.

Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation is a nonprofit that promotes user freedom and defends the rights of free software users. Donate to Free Software Foundation.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

The EFF is an advocate and legal support group for freedom, privacy, and intellectual property issues in the digital landscape. Donate to EFF.

Open Source Ecology

Creators of the Global Village Construction Kit, a locally manufacturable set of tools that make up all of the functionality needed for an independent community to live comfortably and produce their own goods. Included in this set of tools are a means of producing bio-plastic, a plastic extruder, and a 3D Printer. Donate to Open Source Ecology.


A (mostly) model slicing application for 3D Printing. It is fast, easy to use, and under very active development. Donate to Slic3r.

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