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Quickdraw PLA™ - High Flow


Product Description

Quickdraw PLA™ is a proprietary High Flow formula of PLA and bio-modifiers that has been shown to improve Print Speed, Part Strength, Bed Adhesion, Part Flatness, Overhange Performance, & Print Detail (especially in fine bore nozzles) in part by reducing nozzle die-swell and the amount of thermal and motor energy required to feed 3D filament through your hotend.

Even if you don't feel you need the additional speed potential of the Quickdraw PLA™ family, with attention paid to extruder temperature, you may find it to be a drop-in upgrade to your 3D Printer with stronger parts and more detail.

Temperature and Tips

3D Printing temperatures range from 180C - 230C generally corresponding with 3D Printing speed as measured in cubic centimeters of PLA per second. 200C is considered an appropriate starting temperature for most 3D Printers. Irregularities in 3D printed surfaces correspond to excessive temperatures while temperature too low will affect part strength, bed adhesion, part flatness and curling on curved or cornered overhangs.

Though dependant on the 3D Printer, Quickdraw PLA™ typically increases the maximum 3D Printing Speed by a factor of 2 to 3 over traditional PLA while improving the strength of bonding between layers in 3D Printed Parts.

Your maximum 3D Printing speed is a function of Feed-Rate (how quickly the nozzle moves during printing), Layer Thickness (Resolution), and Trace Width. Increasing the Feed-Rate beyond your 3D Printer's capabilities will result in poor part quality. Likewise, increasing Layer Thickness and Trace Width too far beyond default values will affect Quickdraw PLA™'s ability to draw across bridges or first top solid layers. Modification of flow-rate for bridges or adjustments to settings for first top layer may be necessary for very high speed 3D Printing.

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