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Orange to Green Indicating Silica Desiccant 50g - Cobalt Chloride Free!

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Keep your plastic dry and know it with this extra easy to read and non-toxic Orange to Green Indicating Silica Desiccant.

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This 50g (about 1/4 of a cup) is perfect for keeping your Plastic Filament and other moisture sensitive items nice and dry. Print a container and keep it in the bag that came with your plastic. These beads come packaged in a small resealable plastic bag, and come with a small cloth bag that can be used to deploy them.

Professional plastic extruders get the best results only when using plastic that is free of moisture. Your 3D Printer is no different; ABS, PLA and PolyCarbonate will print more reliably and produce stronger parts. PVA being especially sensitive to moisture will last longer.


As moisture is drawn out of the air the orange Silica will turn Green, simply toss it in an appropriate container and place in the oven or microwave until it turns orange again. The orange to green transition can be easier to read than blue to pink and may be preferable for some.


This Silica is made without Cobalt Chloride for those who feel more comfortable with fewer irritable chemicals in their lives.

The moisture absorbing process is exothermic and sudden exposure to liquid or rapid heating can cause the Silica beads to pop and shatter. An MSDS is forthcoming, and of course, DO NOT EAT.

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