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What to do with a 3D Printer: Celebrate the 4th of July in Style!

Posted by Michelle Paulsen on

Fireworks. Celebration. Independence. July 4th.

As a kid, my large, extended family always had a 4th of July get-together. We’d head over to my cousin’s, eat a bunch of food, play a game of softball, swim in the pool and finish off the day with our own firework show. Part of the fun was seeing who could dress up the best and go all out with their red, white and blue decor. I may have won the contest if I would have had these:

3D Printed Shutter Shades in Red, White, and Blue

Out by the pool with 3D Printed shutter shades

The “shutter glasses” design is from thingiverse user Morgazmo and were printed with our PLA in red, white, and blue. We mixed and matched colors for the frames and stems to add variety.

3D Printed American Flag iPhone case - printed in ProtoParadigm Silver PLA

Another great way to show your American pride is with this iPhone case. The case design is from thingiverse user jaygeary. This print was in our silver, but would look great in red, white, or blue too! The printed case fits nice and snug on the iPhone.

So now go 4th, print and celebrate in patriotic style!

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