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3D Printed Packaging Debuts at $5 Filament™

Posted by Luke Chilson on

A new 3D Printed spool is set to power future product lines of low cost 3D Filament. 

We at ProtoParadigm are proud to announce a new 3D Printed spool format for our new $5 Filament™ product category

$5 Filament™ promises to offer “Generous portions of 3D Printer Filament for only $5 a Spool,” and uses a 3D Printed spool to take aim at the 3D Printing industry’s need for affordable high quality American made 3D Filament. 

3D Printing can still be a relatively expensive hobby but  $5 Filament™ is working to help you explore the creative possibilities of 3D Printing by making high quality filament with both a low unit cost and low cost per pound.

If you want affordable filament for everyday 3D Printing or just want to sample a wide range of colors and materials we want to keep you 3D Printing for only $5.

As we add more and more colors and materials to this format we anticipate  $5 Filament™ will become an ideal platform for those not ready to commit to a larger 1kg spool of 3D Filament. Which by the way we offer for a ridiculously low $21.95 ($9.97 per LB). 

Ship Product, Not Packaging


There is a growing demand on businesses to absorb much of the cost of shipping their products to customers. But without the shipping power of larger companies, there is intense pressure on small businesses to develop a package that reduces shipping costs. 

This surprisingly sturdy 3D Printed spool holds and dispenses 3D Filament on standard 3D Printer spool holders and allows us to maximize our shipping potential while sending you as much filament as possible.

Before, 25% of the product shipping weight was packaging, with this new spool it’s only 1.5%. The newly developed package saves over 95% in both package weight and package costs.

We’ve taken what was before a significant part of production and freight costs and made it basically free. The key was developing a 3D Printing system that removed the need for any human interaction.

As a small business dedicated to taking the added time and cost of producing high quality 3D Filament, we are always looking for ways to make and ship our goods cheaper without sacrificing any of the benefits that come from using American made products.

Expect More

The new 3D Printed spool format can be adjusted accommodate different weights and we expect to release more affordable 1lb and 1kg product families powered by variations of the new 3D Printed Spool.

Currently, only 1.75mm 3D Filament is available at  $5 Filament™ with hopes to offer 2.85mm 3D Filament soon. Stay tuned to the $5 Filament twitter @5DollarFilament for new news, flash sales and new product releases.

As 3D Printing becomes more widespread, expect small businesses to find more and more ways to leverage the new technology to compete in markets dominated by much larger companies.

For more information or questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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Cube Root in OpenSCAD

A while back, I wanted to make a parametric design in OpenSCAD that required the calculation of a cube root for one of the parameters for a volume calculation, but discovered that there didn't seem to be any code for doing this in the wild. I've finally gotten around to an implementation that's about as [...]

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Customer Spotlight: 3D Printed Case for Arduino-Based BBQ Controller

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Announcing our new LumiCord website!

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Bill Me Later through PayPal

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Accuracy vs Precision and Threaded Rod vs Leadscrews in 3D Printers

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3-Screw Bed Leveling and the Importance of a Level Print Bed on a 3D Printer

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Vapor Smoothing and Polishing PLA with Tetrahydrofuran (THF)

Acetone has been used for some time to treat ABS parts, either by polishing, vapor smoothing, or even using it to stick parts together. Likewise, Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) has been used to the same effect with ABS. We found Tetrahydrofuran (THF) to be the best option in our assessment, but be warned that there [...]

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