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Rainforest Green ProSpec PLA - 1kg


Product Description

ProSpec PLA - Superb Print Quality, Heat Resistance, and Strength

Designed specifically for 3D Printing and extruded to exact specifications, ProSpec PLA is the perfect filament for Professional Results Regardless of your Application.

3D Printing Excellence

  • Feel Good Finish - Avoid the cheap plastic look with excellent color clarity and a carefully selected color palette.
  • Low Warp, High Adhesion - Create more reliable parts with greater detail and dimensional accuracy.
  • Low to No Odor - Sourced from non-toxic, Food Safe ingredients.

Unbeatable Heat Resistance

  • 140C (284F) HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) after heat treating.
  • Dishwasher Safe, Hot Beverage Safe - Finally, PLA you can actually use in the kitchen!
  • Heat Tolerance Superior to ABS, PETG and most other 3D Printing Plastics.


  • Safe and Nontoxic - Sourced from FDA Approved Food Safe Ingredients
  • 100% American Made, American Grade - Made with care in Oregon, USA
  • 190C - 230C Extrusion Temp - 210C sweet spot for most 3D Printers
  • 80C - 110C Anneal Temperature - Bake or Boil, Warp and Shrinkage may occur. Experiment as needed.
  • Spool Dimensions - 8" Diameter, 3" Height, 2" Diameter Mounting Hole
  • Package - Desiccant packed in Barrier Bag
  • Net Weight - 1kg

Bulk Pricing for 1kg Spools
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Designed and Made by Us for You
All of our 3D Printing Filament is made with care by us in Hermiston, Oregon, USA.

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We began producing our own 3D Printing Filament because we want to bring newer and better options and value to 3D Printing. We print with our filament every day in our personal and professional lives and we are excited to be sharing our developments with you. Your Filament is GUARANTEED to satisfy your 3D Printing needs or your money back.

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