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Educational & Military Discounts

To further enable those working to make a difference we offer a 10% discount to members of students, educators and members of military service.

To Apply

Please create an account on our website using the link in the top-right corner.

For the educational discount, please send a picture of your student, faculty, or other academic ID to this email address from the email address you used to create your customer account.

For military discounts please send a Benefit Summary letter (which can be generated at eBenefits) or similar official document to this address. If you are unable to provide a Benefit Summary letter, other documents will likely suffice - please make sure the document includes your name and dates of service, but as little other personally identifying information as possible (please redact SSNs and other sensitive information).

Once approved, the email address used will be added to a customer group and the discount will automatically be applied when you order.

Please note:

  • Educational discounts must be renewed yearly.
  • Unfortunately we are not always able to apply Educational and Military discounts to $5 Filament products.
  • Due to shipping economics we ask that when possible, discounted orders include at least 2 spools.