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ProtoParadigm Blog

  • Investigating Flash Breaker Tape

    We're always working to find better ways to do things.  We feel it's important to report on the things that don't work out as well as on the successes.

    A while back we decided to try using Flash Breaker Tape as a print surface material, seeing if it had any advantages over Polyimide Tape (also known by the trademarked name Kapton).  Flash Breaker Tape is used in the composite manufacturing and repair industry, particularly in aerospace applications.  Ours came from Atacs Products. It is a thin-film polyester tape that uses a silicone adhesive just as Polyimide Tape does.  In short, we found that it does not perform as well as Polyimide Tape for print-bed surfacing, though it did work in one application.

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  • What to do with a 3D Printer: Be a Valentine Hero!

    This year for Valentines, my son's day-care put on a little party for the kids and each child was asked to bring valentines for the their class-mates. Normally this would have meant a walk down the retail trenches of our nearest big chain department store for something cheap and unoriginal; but this year, with a 3D Printer, it meant something much more special.

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  • Red, Blue, and Green are looking good to me!

    We're feeling especially primary today with our new stock of Red, Blue and Green 1.75mm ABS. Grab some quick and print that selectable-any-color-peristence-of-vision-pin-wheel.

    1.75mm ABS 1kg Red It's Red Ted
    1.75mm ABS 1kg Blue and Blue Sue
    1.75mm ABS 1kg Green don't forget Green... Gene?

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  • What to do with a 3D Printer: Video Production Field Use

    Earlier this week Mechan Media was in Seattle on a production and had our Mosaic on loan to see what applications they had for it.  As it turns out, it saved the shoot!

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  • Comparing Entry Level 3D Printers

    Dec 5, 2012 : Please note that this post contains out of date information and is in need of revision. May we suggest these other fine links?

    The Differences Between ABS and PLA

    3D Printer Filament Buyers Guide

    These days there are a number of personal 3D Printers to choose from. Personal, hobby, open-source, accessible, desktop, or whatever else you want to call them; they are a new breed of 3D Printers. A 3D Printer you can own and operate in your own home, producing before your eyes anything you can imagine with materials an order of magnitude cheaper than previous commercial 3D Printers.

    Below are some statistics and descriptions of currently available or soon to be released personal 3D printers.

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  • Red and Green are here; more are on the horizon

    It's about time we had more colors around here. Which is why we are very happy to have Red and Green 1.75 PLA on the shelves eagerly waiting to bring 3D printing happiness. As always, this filament is extruded to tip-top standards. High tolerance, consistently circular, and of consistent density all the way through will continue to give you the good looking, strong prints you can expect from our plastic.

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  • Black and White are Back in Stock!

    We're happy to have both 1.75 Black ABS and 1.75 White PLA filaments are back in stock and ready to once again rock your printing world. Grab some now before it goes again! Also, check back soon for new colors!  Feed your 3D Printer.

    1.75mm Black ABS 1kg / 2.2lb Spool I'm Back in Stock!
    1.75mm White PLA 1kg / 2.2lb Spool So am I!
  • What to do with a 3d Printer: Make a Custom Microscope Adapter

    I had an old Nikon medical laboratory microscope and really wanted to find a way to take photos through it so I could share what I was seeing with others. After looking around online and discovering that my only likely option was to have one custom made at great expense, I decided to build one.

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  • Printing with Support - Extreme Overhangs

    Printing with support is required when plastic must be deposited on a layer where there is no or insufficient plastic on the previous layer. This includes steep overhanging surfaces, straight overhangs, and fully suspended islands. Learning to print objects on a 3D Printer that require support structures will dramatically expand the potential of your printer and give you the confidence to undertake printing tasks that perhaps you had previously avoided. It would seem though that nature doesn't like to follow design guidelines like the "45 Rule," the idea that overhanging surfaces should not exceed 45 degrees thus avoiding the need to use support (a guideline Makerbot seems to live by); and many of the most compelling objects to print require the use of support.

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  • What to do with a 3d printer: Fix the Dial on the Clothes Dryer

    You have a 3d printer, or maybe you want a 3d printer. Maybe the only thing stopping you from acquiring a 3d printer is that your significant dearest is unconvinced of your NEED for a 3d printer. And if you're really lucky, maybe the dial on the clothes dryer has just broken. Well if you need help showing that your desire to pull physical objects out of thin air like Marry Poppins's carpet bag is justified? Perhaps you should read further.

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