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ProtoParadigm Blog

  • Testing Aqua Net Hair Spray for 3D Printer Bed Adhesion

    This is just a quick post to share our experience with Aqua Net hair spray as a print-bed adhesion enhancer for 3D Printing.  We certainly didn't come up with the idea of using hairspray on a 3D Printer, but have been giving it a go and wanted to share.

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  • The Difference Between ABS and PLA for 3D Printing

    You've got a 3D Printer, or you're looking to buy a 3D Printer and each one seems to indicate it prints in either ABS, PLA, or both. So you find yourself wanting to know, what is the difference between ABS and PLA.

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  • Announcing! The Winners of the December Design Contest: Winter Wonderland

    Phew! Well everybody, it took us much longer than we anticipated, but we are happy to finally announce the winners of our December Design Contest: Winter Wonderland!

    Christmas is over, the New Year has come and gone and we have a whole slew of new products ready to drop, giving our contest winners a whole new 3D Printing palette. Speaking of our winners, on to the results!

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  • What Plastic Filament Does My 3D Printer Use

    Use this guide to find which diameter and types of Plastic Filament are compatible with your 3D Printer. Your 3D Printer most likely recommends a certain combination of Plastic Filament Diameter and Material, though other materials may be supported. If your printer is known to support ABS and PLA, they will be listed in this chart.

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  • Design Contest Wrap Up

    Thanks to everyone who participated in our first annual Holiday Design Contest.  Its been fun to see the creative designs as they have trickled in over the last few weeks.  The winners (along with pictures) will be announced here on our blog once the judging is complete.

    Have a safe and happy New Year!

  • December Design Contest deadline extended to the 25th!

    Just a quick note that the deadline for entries for our December Design Contest: Winter Wonderland has been extended to include Christmas Day! So touch up those designs, fire up the printer, and get your best action shot of your astonished and impressed friends and family Christmas Day.

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  • Educational Pricing Now Available!

    We have had a lot of inquiries asking when student pricing will be ready and we are happy to announce that educational pricing is here!  Fostering education is a very important priority here are ProtoParadigm and we look forward to facilitating the up and coming generation of creative professionals. Continue reading

  • December Design Contest: Win a Year's supply of Plastic

    Edit: We are extending the date for entries to the 25th! Best of luck and Merry Christmas!

    A 3D Printer is a great thing to have during the holidays because it allows you to spend less time shopping and more time living. And so that all of us this winter can have even more fun and practical use with our printers this season we are proud to present -

    ProtoParadigm's December Design Contest - Designer's Holiday : Winter Wonderland

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  • Now Accepting Bitcoin!

    ProtoParadigm is proud to announce that we will now be accepting Bitcoin!  At first we need to call this a trial, but as long as everything keeps moving smoothly, we'll keep taking them.

    If you don't know what Bitcoin is, take a look at this video:

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  • Check out our Plastic at World Maker Faire New York 2012!

    While we weren't able to make it this year, you can see some of our products if you drop by the Trinity Labs booth at World Maker Faire New York 2012 on September 29 and 30. The Trinity Labs booth will have some amazing stuff to show off, and they'll be working with ProtoParadigm plastic!

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