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ProtoParadigm Blog

  • Vapor Smoothing and Polishing PLA with Tetrahydrofuran (THF)

    Acetone has been used for some time to treat ABS parts, either by polishing, vapor smoothing, or even using it to stick parts together.  Likewise Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) has been used to the same effect with ABS.  We found Tetrahydrofuran (THF) to be the best option in our assessment, but be warned that there are serious safety concerns to working with THF.

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  • Weathering of 3D Printed PLA Objects

    We've received questions about how 3D Printed parts handle weather and exposure.  It's been just over a year since my post about the 3D Printed Garden Tools. The slug trap in that post received the most attention, and was also the most structurally interesting. When spring was over and the great slug war abated, I decided to leave the trap out to see how the PLA would handle the elements. Here are the results.

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  • 5lb Spools of 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament Now in Stock!

    We've had requests for larger spools and our first ones have just arrived.

    This first batch includes Silver, White, and Black 1.75mm PLA in 5LB spools. If you often find yourself doing really long prints and go through a lot of plastic, these may be a good fit for you. Take a look!

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  • Summer Sale on 2LB Spools of Plastic Filament

    To help you on your way to impressing friends and family with your amazing 3D Printer, we've put all 2LB Spools of Plastic Filament on sale for $33.50, 13% for 2013!

    Pick up a spool or two and put that 3D Printer to work while you take it easy on the beach, barbecue, or wherever your summer plans may take you.

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  • The Contact Form is FIXED!

    We love 3D Printers and the wonderful Plastic Filament they use. But you know what we love more? Hearing from you! We love your critiques, suggestions, hopes, dreams; we love it. And we were devastated to recently discover that some of what you were trying to tell us had fallen into a dark internet pit of oblivion. Here's what happened -

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  • Free Shipping!

    We have noticed that there is a growing number of customers who go through plastic at a pretty good clip.  As such we are thrilled to be providing free shipping (UPS Ground) within the lower 48 for orders $300 dollars or more.  Don't live in the continental US? Not to worry, we'll automatically apply a $25 discount to your shipping charge.

  • Testing Aqua Net Hair Spray for 3D Printer Bed Adhesion

    This is just a quick post to share our experience with Aqua Net hair spray as a print-bed adhesion enhancer for 3D Printing.  We certainly didn't come up with the idea of using hairspray on a 3D Printer, but have been giving it a go and wanted to share.

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  • The Difference Between ABS and PLA for 3D Printing

    You've got a 3D Printer, or you're looking to buy a 3D Printer and each one seems to indicate it prints in either ABS, PLA, or both. So you find yourself wanting to know, what is the difference between ABS and PLA.

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  • Announcing! The Winners of the December Design Contest: Winter Wonderland

    Phew! Well everybody, it took us much longer than we anticipated, but we are happy to finally announce the winners of our December Design Contest: Winter Wonderland!

    Christmas is over, the New Year has come and gone and we have a whole slew of new products ready to drop, giving our contest winners a whole new 3D Printing palette. Speaking of our winners, on to the results!

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  • What Plastic Filament Does My 3D Printer Use

    Use this guide to find which diameter and types of Plastic Filament are compatible with your 3D Printer. Your 3D Printer most likely recommends a certain combination of Plastic Filament Diameter and Material, though other materials may be supported. If your printer is known to support ABS and PLA, they will be listed in this chart.

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