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Company News

  • Clean-Shelves Sale!

    As we gear up to announce several new product lines and new options in 3D Printer Filament, we're putting all of our existing filament on sale to clear the shelves.  Our standard 2LB Spools are dropping to $13.00 per pound!  Discontinued and mystery color options are on sale too.  Head over to the store and grab what you need before it's gone!

    If you've integrated our filament into your products or business and have an ongoing need for a specific color in the future, please contact us.

    Thank you for your support and feedback!

  • Announcing our new LumiCord website!

    We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our new division, LumiCord, and its website, at www.lumi-cord.com.

    The Birth of LumiCord

    LumiCord is the product of research on high capacity photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) 3D printer-compatible materials in the spring of 2013.  During that research, it became clear to us that there are uses for an illuminated filament apart from 3D Printers, and so, LumiCord was born.

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  • Lots of Filament Back in Stock!

    As evidenced by the number of products that have been out or stock recently, our extended Summer Sale has been a hit.  As a way of thanking our loyal customers, we have decided to keep our sale prices alive and now have a number of products back in stock.

  • 5lb Spools of 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament Now in Stock!

    We've had requests for larger spools and our first ones have just arrived.

    This first batch includes Silver, White, and Black 1.75mm PLA in 5LB spools. If you often find yourself doing really long prints and go through a lot of plastic, these may be a good fit for you. Take a look!

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  • Summer Sale on 2LB Spools of Plastic Filament

    To help you on your way to impressing friends and family with your amazing 3D Printer, we've put all 2LB Spools of Plastic Filament on sale for $33.50, 13% for 2013!

    Pick up a spool or two and put that 3D Printer to work while you take it easy on the beach, barbecue, or wherever your summer plans may take you.

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  • The Contact Form is FIXED!

    We love 3D Printers and the wonderful Plastic Filament they use. But you know what we love more? Hearing from you! We love your critiques, suggestions, hopes, dreams; we love it. And we were devastated to recently discover that some of what you were trying to tell us had fallen into a dark internet pit of oblivion. Here's what happened -

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  • Free Shipping!

    We have noticed that there is a growing number of customers who go through plastic at a pretty good clip.  As such we are thrilled to be providing free shipping (UPS Ground) within the lower 48 for orders $300 dollars or more.  Don't live in the continental US? Not to worry, we'll automatically apply a $25 discount to your shipping charge.

  • December Design Contest deadline extended to the 25th!

    Just a quick note that the deadline for entries for our December Design Contest: Winter Wonderland has been extended to include Christmas Day! So touch up those designs, fire up the printer, and get your best action shot of your astonished and impressed friends and family Christmas Day.

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  • Educational Pricing Now Available!

    We have had a lot of inquiries asking when student pricing will be ready and we are happy to announce that educational pricing is here!  Fostering education is a very important priority here are ProtoParadigm and we look forward to facilitating the up and coming generation of creative professionals. Continue reading

  • Now Accepting Bitcoin!

    ProtoParadigm is proud to announce that we will now be accepting Bitcoin!  At first we need to call this a trial, but as long as everything keeps moving smoothly, we'll keep taking them.

    If you don't know what Bitcoin is, take a look at this video:

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