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Announcing! The Winners of the December Design Contest: Winter Wonderland

Phew! Well everybody, it took us much longer than we anticipated, but we are happy to finally announce the winners of our December Design Contest: Winter Wonderland!

Christmas is over, the New Year has come and gone and we have a whole slew of new products ready to drop, giving our contest winners a whole new 3D Printing palette. Speaking of our winners, on to the results!

There were a lot of great entries and everyone was blown away by some of the creativity and modeling prowess employed by the members of the 3D Printing community. Let's start with the awards for the 3 categories; Originality, Aesthetics, and Usefulness. Each winner will receive a coupon good for $100 in the ProtoParadigm store.

Most Original

Taking the lead in the category of most original, we have Blossoming Lamp by Emmett.

emmet's photo of his Blossoming Lamp

The Blossoming Lamp isn't the first great thing to come out of Thingiverse user Emmett's mind. He has a whole collection of great designs under his name and we highly recommend you go and check them out.

Though a challenging print for the uninitiated (combining a nice flat bottom without squooshing the first layer is key) this clever nearly poinsettia-like lamp features an integrated mechanism allowing it to "bloom." Emmett has a video of it in operation on the youtube.

People were struck by the cleverness of the design, commenting they had never seen anything like it before. This is why we are happy to award Emmett's Blossoming Lamp with the award for Most Original!

Most Visually Pleasing

Decorating Christmas Trees, windows, and fascinating minds young and old is this Gyroscopic Snowflake ornament by roman_hegglin.

roman_hegglin's photo of his Gyroscopic Snowflake

Feature 3 working axis of rotation all in a single print this beautiful snowflake ornament is as  elegant as it is stunning. Father's want to make them, mothers want to display them, and the kids just want to spin them (or any combination of those three). This graceful fusion of form and function has won the award for Most Visually Pleasing.

Most Useful

We've all been there. Up at 11:39pm because you just realized the 13 dozen cookies you committed weeks ago to make as refreshments for your child's "Bell Choirs in the Limestone Caves of the greater Portland Area" Concert Crawl haven't made themselves and the Concert is tomorrow. The sound of Bach last year was breathtaking (the acoustics), and the thought of 25 sad and hungry children tearfully asking why there are no cookies this year is too much to bear (seriously, the acoustics).

So what is 3D Printing father/mother of the year going to do?! You are going to hop on thingiverse to kkronyak's Parametric Modular Rolling Cookie Cutter, print it (don't forget support), then go on a cookie cutter / rolling pin wielding, dough cutting rampage with reckless abandon. No one's ever built (it's "built" right?) cookies this fast. They scoffed when you put in the extra oven, but now you've got 6 full trays of cookies baking SIMULTANEOUSLY and look who's likely to receive delicious cookies now?!

Freshly Rolled Gingerbread Men courtesy of kkronyak

The cookies are made, the children are happy and singing/belling joyfully, and you are bathed in the glow of adoration. You'll tell them those tears are from the acoustics, but you'll know they come from heartfelt thanks for your 3D Printer and one very special, cookie cutter rolling pin.

So let us thank kkronyak on your behalf, by awarding him Most Useful.

The Grand Prize Winner is!...

Advent Calendar by Peter Leppik [pleppik]

Peter Leppik's photo of his Advent Calendar

This year, our grand prize goes to a rather impressive blend of use, good looks, and creativity. The Advent Calendar is truly an underused Holiday feature and Peter Leppik hit this one out of the park. Interlocking puzzle blocks form a Christas Tree, each stuffed with a special goodie allowing you and your family to faithfully count the days to Christmas (or some other holiday on the 25th of the month), every day being rewarding with a festive or classic little widget. Print the original or use his design as a template to design your own for next year.

To Peter Leppik for pushing the boundaries and giving us all another reason to want (or justify) a 3D Printer, we are happy to award our grand prize of 12 Spools (his choice) of Grade A ProtoParadigm Plastic Filament. Print on Peter Leppik, print on.

Thanks to all who entered! Keep those nozzles hot and spools rolling.

Happy Printing!


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