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Sage Green - ProSpec PLA 1.75mm


Other Details

Sage Green - a dusty olive green
Net Weight:
1.75mm (±0.05mm)
Per Pound Price:
$11.36 per Pound

Product Description

 ProSpec PLA - Hi Temp, Hi Strength, Hi Performance

ProSpec PLA (previously 'Advanced Ingeo') is a heat treatable performance grade PLA with excellent 3D Printing characteristics, high visual quality, service temperatures up to 140C and 250% the impact strength of standard PLA.

It's impressive, it's affordable, it's what 3D Printers need.

Built for 3D Printing, ProSpec PLA has truer coloring and low to no warp, odor or curling. Bed adhesion is excellent and the printing temperature is robust ranging up to 230C, in general lower temperatures improve visual qualities while higher temperatures will facilitate faster printing and increased interlayer bonding. Due to the rapid setting nature of this PLA, some 3D Printers may require experimentation to determine the optimum temperature. 210C is a good place to start.

ProSpec PLA Thrives in High Temperature & Strength applications where other PLA fails. Submerging finished parts in boiling water for 30s to 60s or setting them in a hot oven (110C - 140C) for 10 - 30 minutes increases toughness of 3D Printed parts by nearly 250% and makes them Hot Beverage and Dishwasher Safe. Depending on the rigidity needs of your application, ProSpec has a service temperature as high as 140C, outperforming most 3D Printing materials in the market including ABS and PETG. 

Important Heat Treating Tips: Heat treating will cause 3D Parts to shrink and possible warp due to releasing stresses caused during 3D Printing. Experimentation may be necessary to properly account for these factors in your application. Typical shrinkage is 3% and can be offset by scaling your part before hand to 103% or 104%. Warping of heat treated parts is most seen in think wall parts such as a phone case and highly dependent on part geometry and 3D Printing conditions. Extruding a trace greater than your nozzles cross sectional area was the greatest factor determined to affect warp causing internalized stresses, inputing a lower filament diameter into your slicer can help induce these conditions ie. 1.72mm for 1.75mm filament. Tempering your part by briefly submerging in boiling water then cold water has been shown to reduce warping as well as weighing down warp prone part areas while annealing in the oven. Experimentation will be necessary to yield intended results and as with all 3D Printing, we cannot guarantee success in your specific application. 

Important Food Safety Notice: ProSpec PLA uses materials safe for food contact and strict cross-contamination measures are taken during production to ensure a pure and safe product. However, ProtoParadigm LLC can not, does not and WILL NOT guarantee the food safety of anything produced using any of our products. By purchasing any of our products you assume all liability for anything stemming from their use. That being said, if you do choose to use ProSpec PLA for Food Contact applications it is recommended that you thoroughly clean and dry any 3D Printed parts after use to limit the possibility of microbial activity. A Dishwasher at standard high heat setting is preferred.

Bulk Pricing for 1kg Spools

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